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Blair Creates Own Working Week

SUNDAY is Monday, Monday is Tuesday and Tuesday is Sunday in the world of Blair McNamara. The creative calendar week works for the Coolum-based artist. While Sunday is a day of relaxation for many, Blair regards it as the start of his week. It’s the day he cleans the house, washes his paintbrushes and assembles the materials he will need to work with for the week. “Sunday is a day of organisation,” he said. “By Monday I’m already on a roll. “Tuesday is the day I like to go for a surf. There’s no one around.”

The formula that he has settled into makes the most of the Sunshine Coast at its quietest. Blair, 50, has fond memories of growing up in Coolum when it was a town of 600 people. Now the population sits at more like 20,000, swelling even further on weekends and holidays. Mondays and Fridays are too busy in Blair’s books, thanks to flexi-timers taking days off. He regards Tuesday as the quietest day of the week, and therefore, the best day for Sunday-like activities, like swimming or socialising.

It suits Blair to work when the rest of the world is chilling out.

“I really like to work through Christmas holidays. It’s like the creative consciousness is all relaxed – you can feel it,” he said. Blair is probably best known on the Coast for his surf-inspired paintings but his talents do not stop there. He is also a musician – playing piano and piano accordion – and a photographer.

Source: Sunshine Coast Daily

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