Peregian Beach 2012

inaugural exhibition for Kart Space Gallery

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Kart Space Gallery opens with New Works and Debut Pieces from the Oceanica Semantica Collection

Debut pieces from his Oceanica Semantica collection and 15 other new works form the inaugural exhibit of Blair McNamara, July 28- August 31, at the new Kart Space gallery, 12 Grebe St., Peregian Beach, QLD.

In describing McNamara’s show, kart space Director, David Cassidy said, “I am delighted to have an artist of Blair’s calibre as our opening exhibition. Blair is internationally acclaimed with exhibitions and commissioned works throughout Australasia, the United States and South America. “The happy coincidence is that Blair is a neighbour from Coolum, right here on the Sunshine Coast.” says David. His works may be seen at Gloria Hotels, Bolivia, the Park Lane Hotel in Hong Kong, the Cairns Domestic Airport, Hong Kong’s Marriot Hotel, the Supreme Court in Brisbane, among others.

McNamara says the name Oceanica Semantica refers to the layering of meanings, rhythms and symbols evocative of life in the ocean. “I see the ocean as my arena of meaning, the source of my inspiration and meditation,” McNamara says. He adds that, “Each piece is meant to evoke a sense of deeper appreciation of the inner and outer worlds we inhabit.” The pieces also incorporate McNamara’s unique stitched canvas technique into the canvas as an integral subtlety to frame the work itself.

The 35-piece Oceanica Semantica collection was originally created for a 2008 Hong Kong exhibition. Only eight pieces were displayed for that original showing. The nine Oceanica Semantica pieces on display at the kart space exhibition have never before been shown. https://www.kartspace.com.au/

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