Hong Kong 2008


State-of-the-Arts Gallery and the Australian Trade Commissioner are delighted to organize Opening Reception of  “Oceanica Semantica” exhibition by Australian Artist Blair Mcnamara Thursday, 4th September 2008. Artist Blair McNamara has been in attendance with his digital projection presentation of the “color of the wind” with sun-sea-surf and live muscial performance. State-of-the-Arts Gallery is delighted to present to you the Oceanica Semantica exhibition, featuring the Australian Sunshine Coast painter Blair McNamara, who is globally recognized in the artistic community, as well as the environmental protection circle. Through his colorful and lively brushstrokes of patterns and shapes, Blair captured the beauty and changes over decades in his home country Australia, testifying its history and development. Passionate about surfing, Blair embraces all kinds of waves in nature, be they oceanic or radio waves. A glimpse of his paintings is already powerful enough to let spectators feel the natural energy emitted by the Earth.

map 5678
TITLE: Map #5, 6, 7, 8.
SIZE: 670 x 530mm
MEDIUM: acrylic and collage on compound board


Waves are everywhere. Waves of water, waves of sound, waves of heat, waves of emotion are just a few examples. Oceanic waves are a kinetic fingerprint of released energy that is amplified from one location to another. I believe that there is invisible energy running through the sea and that this same energy is running through me. Like radio waves, we never see this invisible energy yet we know it exists when we ‘tune’ into its frequency. I consider the act of painting similar to tuning into these unseen frequencies.

開幕禮日期:2008年9月4日 (星期四)下午6時至7時半 State-of-the-Arts畫廊於9月開始,將舉行一個名為「畫浪家之風中奇緣」的畫展,展出來自澳洲君士蘭又熱愛乘風破浪的當代畫家貝理雅•麥 南米拿。 貝理雅的畫除了作為傳送海洋能量的媒介外,也是這位多才多藝的畫家對所熱愛的國土,澳洲的歷史、文化、精神遺產的視覺記錄。海浪拍打岸邊所釋放出來的澎湃 力量亦大大刺激他的想像力。貝理雅相信海浪像收音機的音浪一樣,會發出一些看不見的頻率,而透過畫畫,他可以和海浪的獨特頻率聯繫上。從他的畫,觀眾既能 看見海浪的畫面,亦能「聽」到海浪的節奏,感受大海的無窮威力。 畫展日期 : 2008年9月1日 – 9月30日 地點: State-of-the-Arts Gallery 香港中環砵甸乍街36號地下 (即石板街近擺花街口) 開放時間: 星期一至六(Mon – Sat) 11 a.m. – 7 p.m. 星期日請先預約 (Sun) by appointment https://www.sotagallery.com.hk/


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