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History Forever Captured In Art

AUGUST18 131ONE of his artist son’s many exhibitions may have highlighted what’s been lost in the heady rush to the future, but Coolum’s Bill McNamara takes a more sanguine view of things. The holiday home he bought on Coolum Terrace for 1500 pounds in 1961 may be about to be demolished but the end of the 130-year-old structure has not evoked yearnings for the past. His son Blair, one of three children, uses materials in his art that evokes memories of a simpler time. Examples of this work can be found in street art pieces installed at Coolum and Marcoola and in galleries around the globe. But Bill won’t buy the notion that things aren’t as good as they once were. “I spent 16 or 17 years in the surf club at Caloundra. I thought it was fantastic then and do now. But I wouldn’t live there. It’s too built out.” Bill didn’t have a “brass razoo” when shown the Coolum Tce home in 1961. With uninterrupted ocean views it was described as the best buy in Coolum. The family visited the holiday home every weekend from Wavell Heights, until they sold in 1995. It had been built in Gympie, then shifted to the then Meadowlands Estate, in an area off Springfield Ave to the west of Coolum Waters retirement village, and then moved to its present location by a Mrs English, part of an early Coolum family. Things are not better or worse, he says. But they’ve changed.

Source: Sunshine Coast Daily

Photo: Blair, Robert, Bill, Daphne and Peter McNamara in front of their old family home on Coolum Terrace. Photo Darryn Smith / Sunshine Coast Daily

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