Coolum Beach 1998

Cool Art Picture Framing Gallery has evolved into a cultural gem of Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. In 1998, I stumbled accross an artwork of mine sitting in a shop window. It was a large mural I had originally donated to the Coolum Surf Club back in 1989 for their stairwell. I went inside the shop and asked a kid in there who owned the business. The boy was Joe McFeeters, a 22 year/old just arrived from Toowoomba to open Coolum’s first ever picture framing business. Over the years ‘Joe Cool’ has whole-heartedly embraced coastal life, learnt to surf, fishes deep sea mackeral in a kayak and steadily built a solid client base that are loyal supporters of locally made art. I’ve had solo shows and dozens of group exhibitions there. My favourite exhibition was titled “Emocean”. Having a local picture-framer, that knows how to hunt wild boar, can propagate tomatoes, bananas & honey, operates a beergarden, lends his ute, has gallery wall space, all located just down the road on my way to the beach, is very organic!

Emocean 1,2, 3 (sold) 100 x 100cms
Surf Series 1 Surf Series 2 Untitled-6 Untitled-7 From Noosa Mag
FLOAT 1 2 3 each110x90cm
Viking Motif 3 Viking Motif 4 Belong 2
PositivesNegatives 2003 150x120cms
Imprint lge LITTORAL 1
IMG_1984 IMG_2000


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