Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery 2009

Coodabin Shoodabin – Coral Coast
Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery (B.R.A.G.)
Dec. 2009 – Jan 2010
In 2009 I was selected as Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery’s artist-in-residence to create a “Coodabin-Shoodabin” exhibition about the impacts of seachange along the Coral Coast region of Queensland. My investigations led me to many beautiful old properties, empty roads and quiet back-blocks along the coast. Most of Bundy’s long-term locals were nostalgic. Many (now) good friends, including Bundaberg’s own, world-reknowned, local photographer, Ray Peek (r.i.p.), generously came forward to share their photos, stories and philosophies. I soon realised that much of Bundaberg’s built heritage is lost. Like all other east-coast, regional Queensland towns, downtown Bundaberg got wiped out by the big shopping malls out on the town’s entry-points. “Coodabin-Shoodabin Coral Coast” was exhibited during the summer of 2009 -2010.

27 JAN 2010 178
21 JAN 2010 175
34 JAN 2010 184

1 1770 #1 2 PEEK 1960'S - 70'S 3 MOO 4 BURNETT HEADS #12 5 #1236 KIOSK AT N.P.B. MID 30's 5 EAST 6 MT. PERRY #9 7 ST.JOHNS PARADE (Ray Peek) p1 8 #492 KIOSK AT N.P.B. 1945 13 #156 CAR GOING TO 1770 17 #785 HOUSE AT W'GATE 18 #1327 FULCHER XMAS AT BASIN 1965 21 #1122 1st design for LAKELAND PLAYGROUND boats 27 WOODGATE BEACH 36 GAILE THOMPSON'S #5 photo003
IMG_4308 IMG_4452 IMG_4517 IMG_4415 IMG_4803 IMG_4814

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