Noosa / Gold Coast 2015

A Q U A L I N E A          31 OCT. 2015 – 30 JAN. 2016
40 Bundall Rd, Bundall, Gold Coast,  QLD. 4217 Australia P:  (07) 5570 2163
A Q U A L I N E A          4 JULY – 30 SEP. 2015
Acres Noosa, 37 Gibson Road, Noosaville, QLD. 4566  Australia P: (07) 5474 3865

I’m looking east across glassy swells, to a vast, blue, lineal grid of known distances, defined directions and far away weather patterns. The beach is my reference point for everything. When I look straight ahead at the surf my eyes initially balance on the three colour-bands of sand, surf and sky.

AQUALINEA art exhibition is a full-circle of recurrent themes that pop up in my art.

As teenagers, my brothers and I repaired our surfboards under the house where the view of the beach was abstracted through vertical timber planks. An almost ‘camera obscura’ effect was created across the internal walls from the dazzling afternoon light blazing between the boards. This vision became a key inspiration. People often talk about Australia’s quality of light and here in front of me was a kinetic example of architecture accidentally creating a projection.

In the early 1980’s, I decided to create this vision in reverse by painting beach scenes on to vertical wooden planks of timber that were spaced at equal intervals along a wall. As a large stackable painting, it was a removable screen. I then developed photographic images of the painted planks as a fence formation on the beach.

For me the image describes dynamics about my beach along with how we all tend to create ownership of place. Most surfers are aware of territorial boundaries and wish theirs and other local breaks weren’t so crowded.

3rd Prize Winner - Aus. Inst. Photography 1994AQUALINEA INSTALLATION 2015 giclee on canvas 140 x 140 cmsBlair McNamara ART installation 20156 smlScanAqueousPosterSept 2014 984POSITIVES NEGATIVES #4 1995 Apotential BACKGROUND #1 for bannerPOSITIVES NEGATIVES #3 1992POSITIVES NEGATIVES #4 detailIMG_161943 BoonBurrh GaragePOSITIVES NEGATIVES #7 2003IMG_1919AQUALINEA


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